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Deprogramming A Bully

The Barber Chair series ~ Book 1
By Kathy Rae

Deprogramming A Bully: The Barber Chair series ~ Book 1 is a Christian fantasy fiction novel for young adults and preteens written by Kathy Rae. Boone Butterfinkle was not having the best of days. The fourteen-year-old had been suspended from school after he was...

The Day Cancer Died

Myles' Dream
By Darnell Huntley

Dr. Darnell Huntley has wonderfully personified that incurable thing that continuously takes so many of peoples' loved ones away from them in The Day Cancer Died: Myles' Dream, a Christian short story that takes the reader more or less twenty minutes out of their reading...

The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Supernatural Great Escape

Volume 2
By Lynette Harrell

Old Mr. Higgins asks the Mysterious Six to investigate some strange lights he has seen along the cliffs at the back of his property in The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Supernatural Great Escape by Lynette Harrell. The six friends agree to...

Don't Disconnect

By Tiffany Campbell

Don't Disconnect by Tiffany Campbell is an inspirational romance that is multilayered, entertains and motivates. Dominic “Kole” Sommers has been away since she was eleven. But life hasn’t been all milk and honey for her. She’s had her challenges to face, living far from home....

Three Days In Heaven

By Mark Anthony Waters

What happens when we die? People have asked this question for centuries. Some people have claimed to have witnessed after life revelations, near death experiences. But what if…..? Now that’s the big question, isn’t it? Tony never imagined wondering about the afterlife or this big...

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A Mother For Leah

By Rachel L Miller

The Amish lead a simple life. Led by their strong beliefs in God, their work ethic and the way they actually live their lives is a testament to their faith. Leah is Amish. A middle child of eleven, she lost her mother at a young...

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Destruction Road

By Dan Absalonson

Destruction Road by Dan Absalonson is a poignant reminder that we all answer to a higher power i.e. God. It’s the story of a young man, still in high school, who was abused by his single father. Eventually he ran away with his father’s truck...

Cries of Grace

By Angela Beach Silverthorne

Cries of Grace by Angela Beach Silverthorne is a contemporary romance fiction with a powerful inspirational message, a story of faith, hope and love, but a story that equally explores the depths of human weakness, deceit, and corruption. After five years, Bren is returning home...

Tender Love

The True Love Series Book 1
By Juliette Duncan

Tender Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 1) by Juliette Duncan is a tender romance story while being a powerful story of faith as well. Tessa Scott has recently ended a five-year relationship with Michael and is struggling to move on. Ben...


Moose Creek Book 1
By Jan Elder

Moostletoe: Moose Creek Book 1 by Jan Elder is a delightful romance and more. Samantha Evans has been assigned to her first pastorate in the small town of Moose Creek, Maine. Off to a rough start, she discovers that her childhood friend, Eric Palmer,...