Fiction - Holiday

Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

By J.R. Wirth

Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree: Twisted Family Holidays is a holiday-themed novella for young adults and preteens written by J.R. Wirth. While this year’s Christmas cheer was still subdued in a big way by the deaths of Jacob and his mom, there...

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Christmas with Snowman Paul

By Yossi Lapid

Christmas With Snowman Paul, written by Yossi Lapid, is an illustrated Christmas story for kids. It centers around the themes of family, friendship, inclusion, and helping others, just to name a few. Snowman Paul feels left out of the family festivities and the boy goes...

Tinsel in a Tangle

By Laurie Germaine

Tinsel in a Tangle by Laurie Germaine is a story that looks closely into the concept of "fitting in." Tinsel is a human-sized elf who stands out among other elves who are of an acceptable size. Her size is not the only thing that stands...

Elves Up North

By L. L. Walters

Elves Up North is an interactive, holiday-themed fantasy story book for children written by L.L. Walters. The author has designed this book so that parents and caregivers can read it as a whole or by chapter. Interspersed throughout the story are opportunities for children to...

All I Want for Christmas is a V.R. Supercube

By Dan Absalonson

All I Want for Christmas is a V.R. Supercube by Dan Absalonson is a short story that gives a different perspective on bullying. Written from a first person point of view, Alfred, who has a history of being bullied by Blair, overhears a conversation between...

Dining and Driving with Cats

Alice Unplugged
By Pat Patterson

Dining and Driving with Cats (Alice Unplugged) by Pat Patterson is a contemporary romance novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy heartwarming romances with elements of humor mixed in. Alice bribes her husband into a road...

Christmas Past

An Angel's Story
By Ron Shaw

I am a Christian. I was born and raised as one. But my faith sometimes needs a strong shot in the arm. Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story by Ron Shaw gave me one today. It is June. We are a long way from Christmas, but...

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Laugh-out-loud romantic comedy
By Joanna Warrington

Holiday by Joanna Warrington is a humorous fiction novel about a family and their histrionic holiday journey across western America. Lyn has been separated from her partner for eleven years and feels that she has raised their three children alone. For her fiftieth birthday, Lyn...

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Stealing Love

By H. Schreter

Stealing Love by H. Schreter tells the story of a Jewish businessman living and working in Israel, not really sure where his life is heading, and not really convinced he has met the love of his life and wants to settle down. Then his world...

Wrong Turn, Right Guy

By Haylie B. Fox

Wrong Turn, Right Guy is a romantic adventure written by Haylie B. Fox. Teresa (Tessa) Vadney had worked very hard at the law firm, not taking a single holiday in over twelve years, in the hopes of making partner. Instead, she is fired from her...