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An American Experience in Quilt, community, and Craft
By Jane Kirkpatrick

Author Jane Kirkpatrick wrote two series of books taking place in the Willamette Valley of Oregon during the 1800s. Aurora, a German Christian commune, existed at that time. The members worked together using their skills to survive. Aurora: An American Experience in Quilt, community, and Craft...

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Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games
By Yom Carraccioli, Jerry Caraccioli

In 1980, The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and Jimmy Carter called for a boycott of the Olympic Games to be held in Moscow. Boycott is a look at the ramifications of that decision. The U.S. Olympic athletes were forced to sacrifice their dreams for their country;...

But Then Again I Could Be Wrong

The Book of Rants
By Jim Rising

Jim Rising shares has talent for wit and disdain with readers. I enjoyed his book But Then Again I Could Be Wrong. The frequently repeated phrases became a little annoying, but then again maybe I’m the one that’s wrong. Rising hosts a radio show called...

Civilization and the Ancient Egyptians

By Katanga A. Bongo

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by the Land of the Pyramids. Katanga A. Bong begins by discussing the beginnings of civilizations. He purports that man begin in South America rather than Africa. I am certainly not an anthropologist however, his arguments seemed well thought...

Dont Blame it on Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex

By Jewel Woods and Karen Hunter

First let me say that I am white. I was completely ignorant of the flocks of Black American Men who travel to places, such as Rio, to sexually conquer their fantasies. This book has clips of interviews from successful Black men. In the interviews, men...

Eat Your Way to Natural Good Health

How to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and health without drugs and pain
By Kathleen Beisel

Kathleen Beisel offers sound, practical advice to her readers. She begins her book, Eat Your Way to Natural Good Health, by discussing stress and its effects on the body. There are lots of tips in this book including: 4-6 small meals a day are easier...

Empowered Patient, The

Hundreds of Life-Saving Facts, Action Steps and Strategies You Need to Know
By Dr. Julia a Hallisy

I offer my deepest sympathy to Dr. Hallisy and her husband in the loss of their daughter. The Empowered Patient could be one of the most important books you will read. In an effort to ensure that her daughter received the best and most appropriate...

Eyes On The Prize

A Step-By-Step Approach To Winning The Job
By Montego F.R. Craddock

Montego F.R. Craddock walks readers through the process of finding and getting the job you really want. He begins with preparation and formulating a plan. Creating a proper resume will help to get you the interview. Research the company and the position before the interview....

Full Body Orgasm

By Oscar Naval

When you first see the title of Full Body Orgasm, you might think it is a sex manual. However, you will quickly learn it is much more. Full Body Orgasm is a release of energy; it is allowing your physical, spiritual, and mental body to...

Gateway to the Clouds

The Story of a Short Line Railroad, The Scranton, Dunmore, Moosic Lake Railroad, 1902-1926
By Alan and Judy Sweeney

This short book is big on historical information. Alan and Judy Sweeney have researched and intensely studied their topic. The photographs bring history to life. Salaries were $3-$1 per day. The Sweeney’s include information concerning the death of workers, locomotives colliding. The title of this...

Igniting the Moral Courage of America

Six Ways You Can Inspire People to Live with Integrity
By Dean Kilmer

Dean Kilmer calls for Americans to live lives of integrity. The definition of integrity is : adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty ( Kilmer states, “Families with changing values have replaced the traditional families of the 1920s.” We are a greedy...

Journey Through the Eyes of Madness

The Journals of G.D. Garner
By G. D. Garner

As a child, G. D. Garner grew up amidst poverty. Perhaps that was the driving force that sent him on the pathway that he trod. He and his wife devoted everything to their work but nothing to each other. He realized that his life was...

Life Regained

The Real Solution to Managing Menopause and Andropause
By Gino Tutera MD, FACOG

Dr. Gino Tutera offers hope for those terrible hot flashes. There are many symptoms of menopause and the male equivilant, andropause. The symptoms include: decreased sex drive, hot flashes, night sweats, depression, “fuzzy thinking”, poor memory, chronic fatigue, increase in belly fat, and diminished physical...

Messiah Interviews

Belonging to God
By Jerry Pollock, Ph.D.

Messiah Interviews begins with the story of Yoseph and Yinnon, twin brothers. Yinnon’s life is very different from Yoseph. Yinnon is miserable. He is bi-polar, depressed, and psychologically distressed. Later in the book, we discovered that Yoseph and Yinnon is one person, two personalities. About a...

Mysterious Receding Seas, The

By Richard Guy

Author Richard Guy offers an interesting hypothesis.  He explains that ancient civilizations were always built close to the seas.  However, we know that the earliest civilizations were built on mountain tops.  His reasoning suggests that the mountain peaks were the only land sticking up out...

Prisoners of War

At Camp Trinidad, Colorado 1943/1946
By Kurt Landsberger

The government chose Trinidad, Colorado as the site of a prisoner of war camp in part due to its location and because of the influence of members of Congress. The last time American had prisoners of war on their land was during the Civil War....

Puppies From Heaven

By Susan Luginbuhl

I am a dog lover. I admit this proudly. My dogs are more than pets; they are a unique part of my family. I have rejoiced at their adoption into our family and mourned at their loss. Only another dog lover can truly understand the...

Reason Reigns

By Ilyn Ross

Reason Reigns is not a quick or easy read, but it is fascinating. If I correctly surmise Ilyn Ross’s purpose in writing this book, she wanted us to think or perhaps the correct wording would be to rethink. “This is why my plot is about...

Red Sky Morning

By Andrew J. Rafkin

How could I not love Red Sky Morning? My love of fishing goes back to my childhood. The fact that my experiences are in farm ponds did not stop me from enjoying Andrew Rafkin's adventures. He was seventeen-years-old when he took the summer job of...

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Relationship Magic

The Secret to Happily Ever After
By Edythe Denkin, PhD

Relationship Magic reads like a fairy tale. Edythe Denkin gives the reader a peek inside the marriage of Prince James and Princess Cinda. After riding off into the sunset on their white horse (I added that part), they expected to live happily ever after. Unfortunately,...