Children - Grade K-3rd

Anna and the Earth Angel

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Anna and her family have moved into a new neighborhood and Anna is very bored. This is the opening scene in Anna and the Earth Angel (Anna's Angels) by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna does not know anyone there and she does not know how to spend...

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

By Brigitte Brulz

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles by Brigitte Brulz is the story of a young boy who likes pickles. He is curious to know if pickles grow on pickle trees. He plants the seeds he has bought with his mother when they went out. They water...

Polly and the Peaputts On the Move

By Rodo Sofranac

Polly and the Peaputts On The Move by Rodo Sofranac is an illustrated children’s story about the Peaputt people: what they like to do, their favorite means of travel, etc. Theirs is a color-filled, fast-moving world with roads made of edible things. The story later...

Tilly Tore Her Trousers

Every misfortune in life as a bright side
By Christel Ceraline

Tilly goes shopping with her mother in the story Tilly Tore Her Trousers by Christel Ceraline. Tilly sees some lovely trousers and shorts in the window. Her mother asks her which one Tilly wants to buy. Tilly likes the shorts, but this does not fit...

My Buddy Knows Letters

By Keith Wheeler

My Buddy Knows Letters by Keith Wheeler is the first in a series of children’s read-along picture books that enable children to enjoy their educational journey. The book has a unique approach to teaching the alphabet as it begins with showing children a picture of...

My Maddy, My Daddy

By Rodo Sofranac

My Maddy, My Daddy by Rodo Sofranac captures a father-daughter relationship and their closeness beautifully. Maddy loves her father and her father loves her. Maddy has great friends and is a great talker, and her father loves her for that too. Maddy loves her daddy...


A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under
By Remi Nicole

Peck: A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under is an animal picture book for children written by Remi Nicole and illustrated by Mabel Chong. Peck was the tiniest bird in the forest, but he definitely had the biggest heart. He loved to chirp and sing his...

The Grumpy Kid

By Jack Thompsen

The Grumpy Kid is a children’s book, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Oliver Kryzz Bundoc. Arin is a young boy whose first day at his new school is not so bright. When his new classmates - Dan,...

Little Mouse's Sweet Treat

By Shana Hollowell

Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat by Shana Hollowell is a delightful story where readers are introduced to Little Mouse who wants to eat something sweet. He bids goodbye to his mother and goes off to the woods to see his friend, the Bear. He hopes he...

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Tammy's Secrets

By Miriam Ratzker

In Tammy’s Secrets by Miriam Ratzker, readers are introduced to Tammy who is all excited about starting school. She is in first grade and she has been thinking about her first day in school. She has spent days thinking about it, dreaming about teachers and...