Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Important questions your doctor wants you to ask about your medical condition
By Ji, Sutton RPA C & Sagar Nigwekar MD

The authors have produced a quick and easy guide to asking intelligent and potentially informative questions when a diagnosis has been rendered by a physician. The book is concise and easy to generalize from the home to the physician's office so that adequate information can...

Taking Charge of Your Own Health

Navigating Your Way Through Diagnosis, Treatment, Insurance, And More
By Lisa Hall

"Taking Charge of Your Own Health" is for everyone. Lisa Hall encourages readers to take responsibility for their own health. She saw many doctors and had as many misdiagnoses. Thirty seven doctors later, she was correctly diagnosed. Using her experience, Lisa Hall offers readers invaluable...

The Working Girl's Guiltless Guide to Planning the Perfect Weekend Collapse

By Elizabeth S. Barry

Need a weekend away?  The Working Girl’s Guiltless Guide To Planning The Perfect Weekend Collapse Workbook by Elizabeth S. Barry will help you prepare for the weekend.   When I plan a weekend getaway or a vacation, I plan what and where I’ll go.  I make...

The Edge

How to Find and Balance Yourself in an Unbalanced World
By TD Kruser

When our life is out of balance, we are unsure of what to do next, where to turn, and how to continue. We often feel as though we are on the edge of a cliff and we could easily for off. Too often, we let...

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The Successful Introvert

How to Advance Your Job Search and Advance Your Career
By Wendy Gelberg

Anyone looking for a job will have butterflies in their tummy.  For introverts, it is even more difficult.  I have attributes of both extrovert and introvert.  I can speak in public with very few butterflies.  I can be self-confident in that situation.  However, networking almost...

Treasure Principle, The

Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving
By Randy Alcorn

Author Randy Alcorn delves into the mystery of the joy of giving. We live in a society that measures success on materialistic things. The more you have the more you want. The house is never big enough. The car is never good enough. If one...

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The God of Sex

How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality
By Peter Jones

Peter Jones courageous tackles the topic of sexuality. God created everything and declared it good. It is in the scriptures; check out Genesis. However, man has perverted what God has created. The first section of The God of Sex discusses paganism. Wicca, New Age, Ecumenicalism, are...