Herbal Healing for Children

By Demetria Clark

Herbal Healing for Children by Demetria Clark is a godsend for parents of children with multiple allergies, particularly when those allergies are medication related. The author takes the reader through a general explanation of the herbs which may be useful in treating common childhood injuries...

How Saying Yes to Depression Leads us into Healing

By Melissa Sarazin

This is the story of a journey. Melissa Sarazom shares how she overcame her depression and got her life back. She found resources and her strength to get her through it. She also had a very supporting husband. While this is a good source for...

How to Solve Your People Problems

Dealing with Your Difficult Relationships
By Dr. Alan Godwin

Let us face it there is conflict in all of our lives; it might be at home or on the job, but there is always conflict. Unfortunately, few people know how to deal with conflict. We all want to live in peace. We just do...

Hurt People Hurt People

Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationships
By Sandra D. Wilson, Ph.D.

The title of this book says it all, Hurt People Hurt People. People who have been hurt do tend to hurt others, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. As I read this book, I kept thinking about people that have been sexually abused and the proven...